College List of SOL Delhi University 2023

If you’re considering pursuing higher education in Delhi, you might be curious about the College List of SOL Delhi University 2023. Well, you’re in luck! In this article, we’ll explore the fascinating landscape of SOL, Delhi University, and unveil the extensive network of colleges it encompasses.


Delhi University’s School of Open Learning, often referred to as SOL, stands as a testament to the university’s commitment to providing accessible education. One might wonder how many colleges are affiliated with this prestigious institution. Let’s dive into the details.

The Impressive Network of Affiliated Colleges

SOL, Delhi University, boasts an impressive total of 91 affiliated colleges. These colleges play a vital role in delivering quality education to students from various walks of life. Among these, 77 colleges are considered constituent colleges, forming the backbone of SOL’s educational ecosystem. Additionally, there are 16 faculties and other esteemed higher education institutions affiliated with Delhi University.

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Diverse Campuses Across Delhi

The affiliated colleges under SOL are scattered across several campuses, each with its unique identity and academic offerings. These campuses include:

West Campus
North Campus
South Campus
East Campus
Dhaula Kuan Campus
Central Campus

Here is a list of colleges affiliated with Delhi University (DU):

Acharya Narendra Dev CollegeAditi Mahavidyalaya
Bhagini Nivedita CollegeBharati College  
Chacha Nehru Bal Chikitsalaya  College of Art
Hans Raj CollegeHindu College
Kirori Mal CollegeLady Shri Ram College For Women
Miranda HouseSchool of Open Learning (SOL DU)
Shri Ram College of Commerce St. Stephen’s CollegeSri Venkateswara College Deshbandhu College  

Academic Offerings: Courses and Faculties

Delhi University’s School of Open Learning offers a diverse range of courses across 86 academic departments, which are organized into 16 faculties. This academic framework ensures that students have access to a plethora of choices when it comes to their educational journey. In total, SOL provides 240 courses catering to both undergraduate (UG) and post-graduate (PG) students.

A Glimpse into the Past: Zakir Husain Delhi College

Among the notable institutions affiliated with Delhi University, Zakir Husain Delhi College stands as a testament to the university’s rich history. Established in 1792, this college carries a legacy that spans over 300 years. It not only serves as an academic institution but also as a custodian of tradition and knowledge.

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In conclusion, the University of Delhi’s School of Open Learning is associated with an impressive network of 91 colleges, contributing to the enrichment of education in Delhi. With diverse campuses, extensive academic offerings, and institutions steeped in history, SOL continues to be a beacon of learning and growth.


How many colleges are affiliated with SOL, Delhi University?
There are a total of 91 affiliated colleges under SOL, Delhi University.

What are the campuses where these colleges are located?
The colleges are spread across campuses such as West, North, South, East, Dhaula Kuan, and Central.

How many courses are offered by SOL, Delhi University?
SOL offers a total of 240 courses for both undergraduate and post-graduate students.

What is the oldest affiliated college?
Zakir Husain Delhi College, established in 1792, holds the distinction of being the oldest affiliated college.

How many faculties are there in SOL, Delhi University?
There are 16 faculties within SOL, Delhi University, encompassing various academic disciplines.

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